Skiing with special kids

While Skiing with kids on bunny slopes Gulmarg.

Day 1 was a perfect training day for both Vrishiv & Juanil.
Learn Skiing/Snowboarding with our Expert family this winter.

Snow Kings

Skiing in Gulmarg is always a best opportunity to experience.

Snowkings is known for best Ski your providers in whole Gulmarg, ????.
We provide all kind of skiing/snowboard equipment including gears and wears..
Learn Skiing/Snowboarding in a proper way this winter.

Type of Skiing

Piste skiing - When you ski on groomed slops that is know as piste skiing. Normally everyone start their skiing lessons on well groomed slops and all those races in Winter Olympics event are carried out on groomed slops. All these skiing falls under piste skiing.


Mogul skiing - It is a free skiing on a steep, heavily moguled course where skier focus on technical turns, aerial maneuvers and speed.


Powder skiing - When skiers leave the groomed slops and enter the world of fluffy fresh snow which is also known as Powder in skiing community, it is called powder skiing.


Backcountry skiing - Backcountry skiing is same as powder skiing with one big difference that is you ski in uncontrolled environment where risk of avalanche is higher than controlled environment.


Touring - Touring skiing uses very light and narrow skies and as name suggest this type of skiing is focused on touring or covering long distances.